You Need to Know About VAT

VAT Basics

Learn how the Value Added Tax (VAT) works and its impact on businesses.

VAT Registration

Learn about the eligibility criteria and the process involved in VAT Registration.

Supply Under VAT

Learn about the different types of supply under VAT.

Reverse Charge

Learn what is reverse charge, wgy it's important, and howit will be implemented undder VAT.

VAT Return

Learn how and when to file VAT returns.

VAT Records

Learn more about the record keeping requirments under the VAT law for tax invoices, credit nots, debit notes and bill of entry in the UAE.

Excise Tax

Learn how Excise Tax can determine your tax liability.

Excise Tax Registration

Learn hoe you can register for Excise Tax.

Transition to VAT

Learn how to transition smoothly to the VAT system.

Place of Supply

Learn how place of supply determines the tax amount owed in a transaction.

Date of Supply

Learn how time of supply determines the correct VAT period for a business transaction.

Value of Supply

Learn how value of supply determines your tax liability.


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